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Laser Hair Removal- Remove The Unwanted Hair Permanently

Every woman desires a hair-free smooth skin for herself. For this, a woman chooses options of waxing, threading, shaving or epilating to remove unwanted hair but these processes are painful and sometimes give redness and rashes. But now, with the help of Laser hair removal technology, people can avoid these temporary painful solutions. Laser hair removal technology is a permanent solution to stop the growth of unwanted hair on the skin.

What is Laser hair removal technology?

Laser hair removal is one of the major cosmetic procedures performed in the world. Laser hair removal technology is highly useful for removing unwanted hairs from the legs, arms, underarms, face, bikini line, and other body areas.

How to Laser hair removal technology performed?

The laser treatment is vastly used for reducing and destroying hair growth. The laser light energy is used to remove unwanted hair.  In this technology, a laser light is beamed on hair follicles that is absorbed by the follicle pigment and destroy the hair. The laser light energy will destroy the hair growth when applied at a specific energy threshold and a specific wavelength.

Is it is a safe treatment procedure?

Generally, laser light used in the treatment is safe for the skin as they do not develop any kind of heat or reaction for a skin. Laser treatment is a painless treatment with no downtime and needed several sessions to show noticeable results.  Every session takes approximately 20 minutes. The result of laser treatment from Dr. Tina's Skin Solutions, Bangalore is mostly cumulative and recognized within a certain period of consistent treatment.

What are the advantages of Laser treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment has many advantages.
  •  Accuracy- laser can select targeted hair and can leave surrounding hair and skin.
  • Speed- laser has high speed and can treat many hairs at the same time in a fraction 
  • of a second
  • Predictability- laser provides a confirm hair removal after three to seven-session.
Dr. Tina's Skin Solutions in Bengaluru, India is provided excellent services to remove hair through laser.  The clinic has to use latest laser technology to remove unwanted hair.
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