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Why Your Nail Looks discolored ?? Take Nail Discolouration Treatments

Nail discoloration treatment is not familiar to most of the people, there are treatments to get back your nail color. Now Let us see what are the causes, types, and treatments of nail discoloration

What is nail discoloration?

Nail discoloration is a condition in which the nails are appearing in different colors such as yellow, white, or green due to the various conditions and infections of the skin. In most of the cases, the cause of discoloration is a fungal infection from the fungi found in the dust, air, or soil. Dr. Tina's Skin Solutions in Bengaluru is the excellent place to treat nail discoloration.

What causes nail discoloration?

There are various causes of nail discoloration. They are
  • Fungal infection
  • Smoking
  • Regular use of nail paints
  • Deficiency of certain essential vitamins
  • As a side effect of certain diseases such as diabetes, liver, lung or kidney disease
  • Wide exposure to dirt and dust
  • Severe infections in hands 

How many types of colors can appear in nail discoloration?

There are four types of color can appear on the nail. Some of them are
  • Brown- caused by fungi Trichophytonrubrum which is also known as a dermatophyte. Have the tendency to infect the skin.
  • Greenish-caused by the fungi Pseudomonas that infects the nails and gives greenish color to nails
  • Red or black- due to a collection of the blood (hematoma) under the nails
  • Yellow- this is due to “yellow nail syndrome”. It is an inherited condition that gives yellowish, slow-growing and discolored nails. It is also associated with lymphedema and lung disease.
  • Whitish-yellow- this condition appears due to a separation of the nail with the nail bed and known as onycholysis.
  • Blue- this condition appears when nail receives blood with inadequate oxygen. This condition is known as cyanosis.

What are the treatment options for nail discoloration?

The treatment of nail discoloration depends on the type of the fungus and condition level of the problem. The treatment options include
  • Medications

1.      Oral antifungal drugs such as terbinafine and Sporanox
2.      Medicated nail polish such as ciclopirox (PENLAC)
3.      Medicated nail cream such as antifungal cream
4.      Urea-containing lotion

  • Surgery-surgery is recommended for either temporary or permanent removal of nails. When drugs are needed to apply directly on the nails, temporary removal of the nails is recommended. Permanent removal of the nails is recommended when nail infection did not respond well to the medicines or when pain is severe.

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