Friday, 16 June 2017

Its a brand new year...... back to school, what happened to my skin?

It's the time school goers are back in school
skin did so good during the holidays
but now you see more acne, more dandruff, lice, sun damage ? its common and its due to changes in routines, environment etc

how do you take care?

  • plan the day ahead.
  • pack a healthy lunch box
  • prefer whole food groups, eggs, nuts, fruits, home made nutritious boxes are the best
  • avoid biscuits, white bread,jams, sauces. etc
  • splash water on face during breaks
  • kids need the sun for healthy bones if any sensitivity to the sun  use paediatric sunscreen 
  • use a mild moisturizer according to the skin type.
Educate kids on skin care, this age can be quite taxing for parents with teen kids having acne. peer pressure and social media add to it.. give them the scientific understanding for acne and how to deal with it.
Don't hesitate for counseling if the child is too distracted with the skin issue seek treatment.
lice is a part and parcel of school life alert the school authorities, and use the right medicated shampoos under guidance since we now deal with resistances to these products.
children who swim have to hydrate using moisturizer, use sunscreens and reuse the sunscreens post swimming, the UV in water is quite high and we can't completely protect even with the best of measures.
The new year with new beginnings can be so much more enjoyable when we plan and educate the kids about many little ways to have a healthy lifestyle which goes a long way in their focus being on important things which matter rather than being worried about small little things that a parent and a doctor could help them with.

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