Friday, 2 June 2017

Simplifying Tattoo Removal with Laser Technology

Tattoos or body arts are growing popular these days, and are considered a part of a certain style statement. About half of the world’s total adult population is known to have at least one of them. On the downside, it takes a bit of effort to get the tattoo off,  in case you regret it. But not anymore.
With laser treatment enabling effective tattoo removal with minimal side effects, tattoo removal has grown to be a simplified process. Since about 25% of those with tattoos are known to regret the art work at some point of time, the procedure is expected to benefit many.

Tattoo removal procedure

The procedure of tattoo removal with laser light involves the breaking up of the pigment colours with the help of a high intensity laser light beam. Of all the colours, tattoos in black are the easiest to treat as they can absorb light of all wavelengths. In the case of coloured tattoos, different types of lasers are used, based on the colour to be treated.
At the start of the procedure, eye shields are provided to protect the eyes from the beam. This is followed by skin test to determine the most effective laser energy to treat your skin. Once this is decided, the laser lights are pulsed to the top layer of the skin. These beams are absorbed by the pigments of the tattoo and broken up.
The number of sittings, intensity of laser, and number of pulses and so on is dependent on the colour, size and age of the tattoo. The depth of the tattoo pigments and colour of the skin affects the removal process as well.
Laser removal of tattoos can cause some discomfort. The application Anesthesia creams are able to prevent the discomfort to a great extent. Bandages and antibiotic creams are applied to prevent the onset of infections. Tattoo removal done by a skilled and qualified professional causes virtually no discomfort.

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